Biblical Ape Men

Genesis Creation Denounced by the Prophets as Forgery

Sudden Evolution, Missing Fossil Links, and the Unseen Cause of Rapid Genetic Mutation

Evolution in the Bible - Fallen Angels Begat New Species

Intelligent Interference, NOT Intelligent Design

Fossils Say Alien Abduction Happened for Millions of Years

God is NOT All Powerful, (At Least not Yet)

Witchcraft by Aliens!

Holy Spirit, The Goddess of Christianity

Fossil Frankensteins - Aliens Made Hybrids for Millions of Years!

Gnosticism = Christianity That Agrees with Evolution

Aliens Before Humans, What Are the Odds?

Sudden Transitions in the Fossil Record

Jesus Was Against Creationism - Proof from the Gospels

Esoteric Evidence for Jesus

Is Jesus A Space Alien?

Cambrian Explosion Defies Darwinism

"Almighty God" is a Mistranslation

TOO QUICK FOR DARWIN What Shell Were Primitive Turtles Hiding Under?

Ancient Christian Texts say "Humans Are Animals"

Sex with Angels > Evolution

Fishy Mammal Reptiles

The Universe Was Created out of Stupidity

Creationism Was Fraudulently Added to the Bible at a Late Date

Dinosaurs > Birds, But Why Do the Feathered Dinosaurs Arrive AFTER the Earliest Birds?

Aliens Transported Species Across Oceans, So Say Fossils

Life Giving Elements Came Early in the Universe

Pterosaurs Fell Out of the Sky from Nowhere With No Close Ancestor

Why Haven't the Aliens Invaded Yet?

Demons Might Be Sulfuric Extra-Terrestrials - A Scientific Explanation for Demons

Are We Evolving Back into Apes? YESSSS!

Allah = Space Alien Who Lives on the Moon

Science Proves that Jesus Christ Correctly Prophesied the End of the Cosmos = Outer Darkness!

Was the Virgin Mary Abducted by Space Aliens?

Did Adam an Eve's Kids Breed with A More Primitive Type of Human?

Monotheism Is Heresy

Gaps in the Fossil Record, Scientists Admit It But Wait a Minute

Earliest Christians Said Enoch's Book about Angel Sex Is Biblical

The Sudden Appearance of Ichthyosaurs in the Fossil Record

Did Jesus Have Sex?

Fossil Freaks with Five Eyes and Arms Growing out of Their Nose

These Earliest Christians Were Against Creationism

Bread Raining Down from Heaven During the Exodus Was Really Insect Shit, And Jesus Prophetically Knew It

"Genesis 1 Is a Fraud!" Thus Saith the Prophets

How did Elephant Fossils Get from Africa to America? ALIEN ABDUCTION

Aliens Colonized the Entire Galaxy Before Earth Even Existed

You Don't Need to Be a Scholar to See that Genesis 1 Is a Forgery

Where Did Sea Lions Come From? The Fossils Are Not Clear

Iranian Prophet Correctly Predicted the Coming of Christ in 600 BC

Witchcraft Holy Days Coincide with Political Turmoil in History

Satan the Devil is a Space Alien Who Influences Evolution

Genetically, Evolution Must Happen Slowly

Forgery in the Old Testament Is Proven by Scholarship

Angels Had Sex with Eve and Got Her Pregnant

Whales Came Via a Three-Way

Solomon 666 Antichrist

Alien Abduction, the Breeding Program, and the Fossil Record

Fossil Evidence That God Caused Extinctions

The Uncle of Jesus

Proof of Forgery: The Prophets Don't Mention Genesis 1 So It Must Have Come After Them

Ethiopian Church's Bible Still Has Enoch's Angel Breeding Story

Sabre Tooth Barking Deer

Punctuated Equilibrium does NOT Solve the Problem of Gaps in the Fossil Record

Jerusalem Temple Was Built by Demons

Genesis Creationism Is An Ancient Forgery by Crooked Priests

Can Your Monkey Cross the Ocean on a Big Log?

Jesus Believes in Evolution, And He Hates It!

Creationism and Other Falsehoods Started on Days Sacred to Witchcraft

Mammals Evolved Too Fast

We humans have been here 200,000 years, so why is civilization only 6,000 years old? 

Ancient Hebrews Had Two Gods and Two Religions

Resurrection from the Dead Can Happen with Cloning

Alien Butt Fuckers - Are Extraterrestrials Causing Evolution from Behind?

Saint Paul the Gnostic

When the Same Story Is Told Twice, It Means the Old Testament Is a Patchwork

Is Earth Unique?

Creationism = WHORE OF BABYLON!

Sauropterygians - They Evolved, But Quickly

Ancient Sumerian King = 2/3 God + 1/3 Man

DNA Stir Fry from Extinct Species

Jesus Spoke Against Part of the Old Testament Because Part Was A Forgery

Should Christians Be Vegetarians? Sacrifice Makes Eating Meat OK

Bible Contradicts Itself on the Date of Creation

Snakes and Aliens Having SEX

Lizards > Snakes, But Why Did Advanced Snakes Appear BEFORE the Half-n-Half Intermediary Species?

The First Complex Life Was Made in the Image of UFO's

Jesus - Was He Myth, Man, or Space Alien?

Creationists Killed Jesus

Endless Alien Genocide in Science and in Scripture

"God Eat God" Cosmic System = Henotheism


The Apostles Said Enoch's Book about Angel Breeding Is Prophetic

The Creator God Is Mentally Retarded

Circumcision of the PENIS - Prophets & Apostles Hated It

Noah's Ark Via Alien Abduction - Fossil Proof

Genesis 1 vs Genesis 2

Why Aliens Must Have Evolved Before Humans

Holy Spirit = The GODDESS OF CHRISTIANITY, According to Earliest Christians

A Dead Sea Scroll Proves the Words of Jesus Are Authentic

Why Didn't Ocean Reptiles Evolve Back into Fish?

Alien Genetic Engineering

Israelite History Proves the Documentary Hypothesis

United Nations Knows About Aliens Breeding with Animals

Numerological Prophecies Foretold the Coming of Christ

Ezra Was a Racist Heretic Who Polluted the Bible with Creationism

Rapid Evolution of Certain Amphibians

Watchers, Nephilim, Giants

Demons = Ghosts of Alien Hybrids

Why Gnostics Went Extinct

Jerusalem Fraudsters Who Wrote Genesis 1 Had a Monopoly on Animal Sacrifice

Was Christ a Mere Myth?

Aliens Bring Extinct Species Back to Life

Jesus Said "Sell Your Clothes and Buy a Weapon"

Santa Claus is a Drunken Space Alien

Is Christianity Derived from Older Mythology?

Better Bible Needed

Does the Sun Revolve Around the Earth? Genesis 1 Says Yes

Aliens Fucking Catfish

Jesus Against Genesis - Christ Was NOT a Creationist

Jeremiah the Prophet Saw a Vision of UFO's and Made a Mockery of Genesis 1

Genesis 1 Is Witchcraft!

If Evolution Efficiently Creates the Best Structure, then Why Are Birds, Bats, and Pterosaurs So Different?

END TIMES, Alien-Human Hybrid Nephilim Monsters


In the Beginning was the Big Bang. Life Evolved.... And it was cruel. Intelligent life arose on distant planets. Aliens visited earth, and they accidentally contaminated our DNA. This caused the sudden appearance of many species in the fossil record. But the aliens did not design new species. Instead, they haphazardly accelerated evolution beyond the normal speed of Darwinism. The fossils also indicate that certain migrations across oceans, were only possible with alien abduction. The earliest Christian Bibles tell about aliens or "angels" who caused species to evolve. But the truth was obscured because of a forgery in the first chapter of Genesis. Mainstream Biblical scholars know that Genesis was a fraud perpetrated by heretic priests. Jeremiah the Prophet confirms it. The real Bible says that angels bred with animals to make new species. The real Bible also says that God is not all powerful, and that the creation of this cosmos was a mistake. Jesus Christ is a good alien God, and hopefully he will create a better world, without forgeries, without DNA manipulation, and without the cruel instincts of survival of the fittest. But the evil aliens manipulate human history to thwart Jesus. So we must help Jesus to win the war.

This is not fiction. All these statements are proven facts. Please research the 1,238 footnotes on this website, and you will discover this is all true.

The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by many ancient Christian texts.  Instead of an Almighty Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity.  The angels caused evolution to occur from species to speciesThere are many gods, (or aliens?), and the Christian God is just one among them.  Satan the Devil writes scripture, and thus the Bible was polluted with Genesis 1.  Archaeology and modern scholarship demonstrate that Genesis is indeed corrupted.  Cavemen walk with Adam and EveEsoteric prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal the dark forces that govern the cosmos.  Such are the ancient Christian writings.

Science vindicates the truth of these ideas.  Evolution often happens too fast for Darwin's theory.  Gaps in the fossil record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts together with natural selection.  Astrobiology reveals that intelligent life probably evolved long before us.  The fossil record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species.  Evidently, aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the world's religions. 

This is not fiction.  All these facts are thoroughly documented in the links above.

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