Why Believe This?

Because Witnesses Testify:

Science & the Fossil Record

The Prophets & Apostles

Ancient Christian Texts from Before Constantine

Rapid Evolution - Punctuated Equilibrium

Modern Biblical Scholarship - The Documentary Hypothesis


Plate Tectonics & Geographic Dispersions of Animals in Deep Time

Astrobiology - Earth-Like Planets Beyond Our Solar System Hidden Knowledge


No, itís not Scientology and itís not a UFO cult.  I donít want your money (but feel free to donate:-).  This website is based on the book Jesus Believes in Evolution.  This book connects all the dots and synthesizes a new theory that has never been published before.  Itís well researched.  There are 1,238 footnotes.  Ancient holy texts are directly quoted, not just summarized, so you get the real scoop, not some spin-doctored interpretation.  Primary field research from scientific journals is extensively used and documented, so you get to hear what evolutionary scientists are telling each other, not just what the public is told.  This book does not give a wholesale slavish defense of either side in the evolution-creation debate.  It is truly a whole new and different perspective.  This book is both pro-Evolution and pro-Christian, although not in a conventional or traditional way.  This book's author is not affiliated with any church or UFO cult, so there is no slavish defense of denominational doctrines.

Survival of the Fittest is the harsh reality of this dark and wicked cosmos.

However, some evolutionary transitions happened too fast for Darwinism to be the cause.

What are the odds that space aliens have visited and influenced evolution on earth?


Above:  Alien Abduction in the Fossil Record?

Above: Humans Before Adam?

Quotes from Ancient Christians affirm these four ideas:

Top: Angels bred with mortals.

Left: Genesis 1 is a forgery.

Right: God is not All Powerful,

Below: the Cosmos is a Mistake.