Aliens and Humans Will Breed in the End Times: Monstrous Nephilim Hybrids Will Be Born!

     According to an ancient Jewish apocryphal text, 4th Esdras, there was a certain archangel named Uriel who uttered some rather detailed prophecies concerning the End Times.  Uriel informed us that in the End Times, "Pregnant women will give birth to monsters."[1]  In the same prophecy, Uriel foretold an era leading up to the End Times in which there will be famines, wars, plagues, and tribulations.  Uriel labeled this time "the beginning of sorrows."[2]  Uriel’s description of "the beginning of sorrows" is markedly similar to Jesus Christ’s prophecy concerning the End Times,


Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom.  There will be earthquakes in diverse places, famines and hard times.  These are the beginning of sorrows.[3] 


Notice here that Jesus used the same phrase that Uriel used – "the beginning of sorrows."  This suggests that Jesus Christ was aware of and agreed with Uriel’s prophecy.  Therefore, it stands to reason that Jesus may have also agreed with Uriel when he said, "pregnant women will give birth to monsters."  Astoundingly, Jesus also states in the very same prophecy, "Woe to those who are pregnant and nursing babies in those days,"[4] which might suggest that pregnancies in the End Times will be abnormal, because of the large number of half-breed children being born.  In the same prophecy, Jesus also states, "Just like the time before the flood… when they were marrying and giving in marriage… it will be like this when the Son of Man comes."[5]  From this, it is widely believed that Genesis 6 will repeat itself in the End Times.  The angels will marry and be given in marriage to human women and produce monstrous offspring.

     In another tradition, Michael the archangel allegedly prophesied that the Antichrist will be a giant, much like the giants of Genesis 6, who resulted from the union of angels with human women.  From this, many have surmised that the Antichrist will not be fully human, but rather a human-angel hybrid.  Here is a quote from the prophecy:


His mouth is from fingertip to elbow, his teeth from pinky to thumb, his fingers are like scythes, his feet are eighteen inches wide, and upon his forehead is the label "Antichrist."[6]


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The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by many ancient Christian texts.  Instead of an Almighty Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity.  The angels caused evolution to occur from species to species.  There are many gods, (or aliens?), and the Christian God is just one among them.  Satan the Devil writes scripture, and thus the Bible was polluted with Genesis 1.  Archaeology and modern scholarship demonstrate that Genesis is indeed corrupted.  Cavemen walk with Adam and Eve.  Esoteric prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal the dark forces that govern the cosmos.  Such are the ancient Christian writings.

Science vindicates the truth of these ideas.  Evolution often happens too fast for Darwin’s theory.  Gaps in the fossil record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts together with natural selection.  Astrobiology reveals that intelligent life probably evolved long before us.  The fossil record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species.  Evidently, aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the world’s religions. 

This is not fiction.  All these facts are thoroughly documented in the links above.


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Ancient Christian holy texts espouse that angels mingled with the daughters of men.

Genesis 6:1-4